Amazon Brand Registry Trademark Requirement

A requirement to join the Amazon Brand Registry is the seller must own a USPTO trademark registration

For serious sellers on Amazon that sell their own branded products, registering with the Amazon Brand Registry is a must. The Amazon Brand Registry allows sellers to have more flexibility and control over their listings by letting sellers to customize their product titles, listings, and images. The Amazon Brand Registry also allows brand owners to have the sole right to the all important Buy Box and gives brand owners more control over policing who sells their branded products. Additionally, brand owners registered on the Amazon Brand Registry can more easily remove counterfeit products from Amazon.

Given the benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry, many brand owners that sell on Amazon are enrolling in the program. However, many brand owners are quickly realizing that one of the requirements is they need a registered trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

 Amazon Brand Registry Requirements include a registered trademark

In order to enroll a brand, the registered trademark must match the name that the brand owner wants register on the Amazon Brand Registry. In other words, if ADIDAS wanted to register their brand on the Amazon Registry, they would need to cite a trademark with their brand name and not just their logo. It is also important to realize that a trademark application will not be accepted by Amazon, as they require a registered trademark. Therefore, if sellers that want to join the Amazon Brand Registry but do not have a trademark registration, should apply as soon as possible for a trademark registration from the USPTO.

 A trademark application does not satisfy Amazon’s trademark requirement

For Amazon sellers looking to enroll their brand and receive the benefits of being on the Amazon Brand Registry, a trademark registration is the first hurdle. Learn about the trademark process and timeline in our blog post here.

Do you want to get started on your own trademark registration? We can help you out! You can Get Started here or contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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