Why education should be politically neutral

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Towards the state of education and the future

Why education should be politically neutral Education is about putting people on the right path. Even after entering society, there are many opportunities to learn from others, and that is education. In other words, education is not just about what you learn while you are a student. Humans face situations where they don’t know what to do. How to solve it will be related to the knowledge and skills you have acquired so far, as well as cooperation with your colleagues. Education is the place to cultivate those abilities, and I think it’s a mistake to think that just because you’re an adult you can solve everything on your own. They say it is impossible for a human being to live alone.The education system was established quite a long time ago, and the quality of education is improving year by year due to advances in technology and other factors. However, it is also a fact that new problems are being caused by the trend of the times. I think that people in the field and parents will be busy dealing with problems when they face problems, but I want them to put all their efforts into the future of the students. As the amount of time that students can spend freely has increased due to yutori education, the academic ability of some students has declined, so it is possible that the newly implemented system may cause instability in the future. In that case, I would like the government to notice this early on and take action against it.

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